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The State of Ageing in 2020

This online, interactive report captures a snapshot of how people in the UK are ageing today, while looking at past trends and our prospects if action isn't taken.

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Group of older people exercising outdoor

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Language used across society to describe ageing and older people risks ‘damaging UK’s social fabric’, our new report says.
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The Housing Made for Everyone (HoME) coalition is calling for urgent action to tackle the UK’s accessible housing crisis by raising the mandatory building standards.
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Rishi Sunak's Government Spending Review outlined a 'Restart' scheme designed to help people struggling to get back into work, but it's not yet clear how it will address the particular challenges faced by over 50s workers, who are more likely to face long term unemployment.
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The competition set up by the Centre for Ageing Better, in partnership with Public Health England, aimed to find a new icon to portray older people in a positive light.
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We've launched a new toolkit for employers on the steps they can take to introduce and manage flexible working in their workplaces.
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This report offers lessons from the experiences of older jobseekers and outlines the support needed to get them back into employment.

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In this webinar we'll examine the role that poverty plays in healthy ageing, and hear what organisations are doing to address this major determinant of health inequality.