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Care Home Open Day

Get involved

The Centre for Ageing Better is committed to being open and collaborative.

We want to work with organisations and individuals who share our vision and wish to work with us.

Making a collage, Care Home Open Day

Browse the latest jobs and advisory positions at the Centre for Ageing Better - get information on how you can volunteer and offer your expertise.


Consultations, invitations to tender, calls for evidence and practice, grants and expressions of interest.

Developing links with individuals and organisations

As an independent charitable foundation, we are able to work with a number of different organisations from the statutory, voluntary and private sectors. The issues that face our ageing society as more of us live longer are complex and will require working beyond traditional boundaries.

In addition to the above opportunities to work with us, we are keen to develop links with a wide range of individuals and organisations, including:

  • Those who produce research and evidence
  • Those involved in synthesising and communicating evidence
  • People using, running, developing and funding services who need to understand and apply evidence to uncover what works
  • Funders of innovation and change, particularly with an interest in issues surrounding ageing
  • Those involved in developing and implementing innovative approaches that seek to enable more people to enjoy a good later life
  • People with skills and expertise in supporting the development and scaling of initiatives

We also want to learn from others and are open to ideas. So please get in touch if you have experience or knowledge that you feel we can benefit from.

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