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Collage, Care Home Open Day

Jobs and advisory positions

Browse latest jobs and advisory positions at the Centre for Ageing Better.

Advertised roles within our organisation, and information on how you can volunteer and offer your expertise.

The Centre for Ageing Better is proud to be a Living Wage Employer. We offer a variety of opportunities including permanent roles, fixed term roles, secondments, internships, volunteering and lay involvement.


Although we don't have any positions open right now, if you're passionate about improving later life and the role of evidence in promoting change, we’d like to hear from you

Advisory positions

From time to time we publish opportunities to get involved in our work through joining an advisory group on a specific activity, such as an evidence review. Typically, we look for a range of people with different types of expertise to bring to our work, such as:

  • academic expertise in a particular research field
  • professional experience of commissioning or delivering services
  • people with personal lived experience of the issues we are looking at.

Although we don't have any advisory positions available right now, if you sign up to our newsletter we'll keep you updated on future opportunities.

Volunteering and lay involvement

If you have skills and experience which are relevant to our work, and would like to volunteer your time, we'd love to hear from you. Our volunteer and lay involvement opportunities typically include:

  • reviewing research or grant proposals
  • reviewing reports and publications
  • giving your views on other aspects of our work
Our equality and diversity policy

Our vision is a society where everyone enjoys a good later life. What we do is rooted in what matters to people as they prepare for and experience later life. We will work across sectors and boundaries and listen to and act on the voices of those we are here to help.

Discrimination or unequal treatment on the grounds of age or other protected characteristics, can and often are factors in preventing people having a good later life. Our work will highlight this and promote the best evidence of what works in addressing, for example, the impact of ageism in the workplace that could lead to unequal treatment.  

  • We will listen, consult and learn from diverse groups of people with lived experience, and this will inform our work. Many elements of our work will include solutions co-designed by diverse groups of people.
  • As an employer, we are committed to equality and valuing diversity within our staff team, board, co-optees, associates and advisors. We will ensure that recruitment and service provision is monitored and that positive action is taken based upon such information. We’ll provide training and development activities that enable equality of opportunity and which promote an awareness of equality and diversity. We will also ensure that our premises and resources are made as accessible as possible to staff and visitors.
  • In our procurement processes we will ask suppliers to demonstrate their commitment to equality and diversity in their policies and practises.