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Annette Holman
Community and Learning Manager – ISCF Community of Practice
Annette is the Community and Learning Manager for the Healthy Ageing Community of Practice, which the Centre for Ageing Better is delivering on behalf of UKRI.

Annette leads on the learning and engagement of the Healthy Ageing Community of Practice, a learning community that brings together projects funded as part of the ISCF Healthy Ageing challenge. These projects are working to develop products and services that help people to remain independent, productive and active into older age.

Annette previously worked at Nesta, an innovation foundation for 7 years, grant managing a range of social action innovations across policy areas including Healthy Ageing, early years education, and opportunities for young people. She curated and led on numerous cohort learning workshops and large-scale events and is experienced with implementing innovation methods and evaluation.

Annette has also been a volunteer for South London Cares since 2015 supporting social connections between neighbours in the community.