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David Orr
Chair, the Good Home Inquiry
David leads the Good Home Inquiry, an independent inquiry to determine solutions to the poor quality of England's housing.

David is a hugely experienced leader in both Executive and Non- Executive roles. He has over 30 years experience in Chief Executive roles, most recently at the National Housing Federation, having previously been Chief Executive of the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations and of Newlon Housing Trust.

In his current portfolio of Non-Executive roles David is Chair of Reall, an international development housing charity, Chair of Clarion HA Board, Chair of ReSI Housing and a board member of Clanmil HA. He is a previous President of Housing Europe. David is also co-Chair of the European Affordable Housing Study, a joint Housing Europe and UNECE study. He has recently been appointed to the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Housing, Church and Community Commission.

David is widely regarded as a compelling and inspiring public speaker focusing on the challenge of optimistic leadership and the critical importance of great governance. He has huge media experience, is a well-regarded commentator and blogger and has extensive expertise navigating the sometimes opaque world of politics and government.

In June 2018 David was awarded a CBE.