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Emily Georghiou
Senior Programme Manager – Connected communities
Emily manages a strategic programme of activities to bring about change for our Connected communities priority goal.

Emily is Ageing Better's Senior Programme Manager, leading our strategic programmes to develop more Connected communities, where our social relationships thrive and everyone can enjoy the benefits of social connections, purpose and belonging in later life.

With over 15 years’ experience working to influence change at a local, national and international level, Emily has a strong track record of developing and influencing legislative change, evidence-based policy and innovative practice, working alongside diverse communities and cross sector decision makers across the political spectrum to improve people’s lives.

She joined Ageing Better in 2017 to develop their approach to learning in the context of social change and led a cross sector review with DCMS into Community Contributions and Volunteering, culminating in the Centre’s first grants programme, supporting age-friendly and inclusive practice.

Emily joined Ageing Better from Age UK, where she developed the Age Action Alliance, alongside people in later life, Government and cross sector organisations, coordinated Age Platform Europe UK and designed creative campaigns for ‘A great place to grow older’ and ‘Age friendly places’ to mobilise local and national change.

In 2015 she was awarded a fellowship by the Clore Social Leadership Programme, when she also became a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. She holds a Masters in The Idea of Toleration from the University of York, funded by the Morrell Trust, and received a Rajiv Gandhi Foundation studentship to teach and travel in India in 2012.