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Matt Baumann
Senior Evaluation Manager
Matt leads our evaluation work at Ageing Better, and advises on wider evidence issues.

Matt has oversight and advises on all our evaluations including our ‘seeding’ work, our localities’ activities and evaluation of existing practice. He manages our Pool of Evaluation associates and experts and leads our work to develop a data and measures framework across all our topics. During 2016 – 17 he has been providing expert advice on evidence and evaluation issues to organisations working to tackle social isolation and loneliness.

Matt has a background in social research. In the last 10 years he has worked exclusively on evaluation issues. He was a Principal Research Officer (Evaluation) at the Department of Energy and Climate Change (now BEIS) during 2012-16, and prior to that ran his own evaluation business.

Matt joined the Centre for Ageing Better in June 2016.