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Rachael Docking
Senior Programme Manager – Homes
Rachael is the lead on our ‘Safe and accessible homes’ priority goal.

Inequalities in later life.



Rachael develops and manages a strategic programme of activities to bring about change in our goal on ‘Safe and accessible homes’. She works closely with policy-makers, local government, housing providers, academics, the voluntary and community sector, service commissioners, and practitioners to ensure more people enter later life in safe and accessible homes that will support them to live independently for as long as possible. 

Rachael has experience of designing and leading commissioning of projects and achieving funding for projects, communications, policy, stakeholder engagement, and identifying evidence gaps and opportunities for innovation in practice to help inform decisions. 

Rachael has an academic background in the disciplines of psychology and epidemiology. She worked as a senior research fellow at Anglia Ruskin University looking at attitudes to ageing and pain in older adults, specifically pain assessment and pain management and at the University of Greenwich where she co-led work for the Centre for Positive Ageing and was actively involved in their Research Excellence Framework. 

She Joined Ageing Better in August 2015.