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Geoff Filkin
Lord Geoffrey
Filkin CBE
Lord Filkin has had long experience in strategy, policy, innovation and public service improvement at local and national levels, as well as voluntary and private sectors.

He worked in housing for many years, was a local government Chief Executive and then CEO of the Association of District Councils.

Lord Filkin has also founded a number of think-tanks and charities – the New Local Government Network, the 2020 Public Services Trust and the Parliament Choir and was then a government Minister in the Lords for four years.

In the Lords in 2013 he proposed and then chaired a Lords Select Committee on our ageing society; its influential report, Ready for Ageing, was published in March that year.

Since then he has worked to found the Centre for Ageing Better, working with its Board and its CEO, Anna Dixon, to establish the organisation as an influential independent body to promote the changes needed so that more people benefit from their longer lives.

"The Centre, with secure ten-year funding, independence and its evidence base, aims to drive the changes needed so more people enjoy their later lives, doing so by working with them and with strong partnerships with other bodies", says Lord Filkin.