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Helena Herklots
Herklots CBE
Heléna is the Older People's Commissioner for Wales and has been involved in issues of ageing and working with older people for over 30 years.

Her experience includes hands-on work with older people in need of care and support, developing and analysing public policy, setting up and running services, and contributing to the work of a number of organisations concerned with ageing and older people as a trustee.

She has also worked for the housing and care provider Anchor Trust; Age Concern England as Head of Policy, then Fieldwork Director, as well as Services Director at Age UK.

From 2012 to 2018 Heléna was Chief Executive of Carers UK, a leading charity supporting the millions of people looking after an older, disabled or seriously ill family member or friend.

In 2018 Heléna became the Older People's Commissioner for Wales, a post set up in 2008 to serve as a voice and champion for older people.

'The Centre for Ageing Better has a vital role to play in equipping our society for the challenges and opportunities presented by our ageing population, and making improvements to older people’s quality of life. It is an honour to have the opportunity to contribute to its work as a board member', says Heléna.