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Making a collage

Our approach to innovation and adoption

We try out new ideas and encourage the uptake of proven approaches to improve later lives.

Through developing and testing new ideas, and supporting different organisations to apply what works, we work to improve people's lives.

We work with others to stimulate and test promising new ideas. Where we have the evidence of what really makes a difference, we support others to adopt and sustain the most effective ways of working.

We do this by:
  • Listening to people’s experiences and working with them to design new approaches
  • Looking at evidence and practice to identify promising examples
  • Bringing fresh perspectives to bear on tough challenges
  • Developing and testing new ideas with the potential to improve people’s lives
  • Supporting others to adopt proven approaches and implement them at scale, in order to reach as many people as possible
  • Bringing together organisations to learn from each other and share good practice
Making a collage, Care Home Open Day
Who we work with

We work with places that want to try out a range of new solutions and shift their whole approach, as well as organisations and individuals who are focused on specific issues that matters for a good later life. As with all our work, we are keen to work in partnership with others.

We are developing links with:

  • Other funders and organisations promoting innovation and change
  • Those involved in developing and implementing innovative approaches to enable more people to enjoy a good later life
  • Those with skills and expertise in supporting the development of new ideas, or promoting change at scale and across whole systems