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Older person standing by seaside

Age-friendly champions

In celebration of the United Nations International Day of Older Persons (UNIDOP), we're promoting the voluntary work of older people across the UK to help make their communities more age-friendly.

Read the stories of local age-friendly champions who are volunteering across age-friendly communities.

Two older ladies at a table sharing a laugh

Shared Tables, a project developed in the Crossgates area of Leeds, invites older people living alone to enjoy a meal together at a local restaurant.

The Great British Toilet Map.

Community activist Ben Barker lives in Southville, Bristol and is responsible for pioneering the ‘The Toilet Map of Bedminster’.

Kevin Berry, Age-friendly Champion, Isle of Wight

A resident of the Isle of Wight for 33 years and retired for 13, Kevin Berry is the Age-friendly Champion for Nettlestone and Seaview as part of the Age-Friendly Isle Project.

Photo of Diana by a desk

Diana Findley, Chairperson of the Scottish Older People's Assembly, gives some insight into her involvement with the Assembly and how she has helped her community become more age-friendly.

Brick wall with 'love your neighbour' sign.

David joined the Age Friendly Nottingham Steering Group in 2015, using his highly analytical mind to ensure that policy and strategy in Nottingham reflects the needs of people in later life.