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Outside of a house with adaptations

Home truths

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A free interactive webinar on housing information and advice for people in later life.

Home truths

We need to make information and advice more easily available to help people approaching later life make good housing choices, from repairing and adapting existing homes to support to move somewhere more suitable.  

In June 2018, the Centre for Ageing Better, in conjunction with the Me and My Home Life group in Leeds, commissioned Aligned Consultancy to examine housing options information and advice that people in later life across Leeds need, as well as how and where they are accessing it. This was accompanied by mapping what currently exists, identify gaps and make recommendations for improvement. 

Our behaviour when seeking advice about housing is comparable to when thinking about our health as we age - avoiding planning and preparing until we are in crisis. Early opportunities to discuss housing options need to be sought wherever possible.

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Home truths

The webinar outlined the key findings from our 'Home truths' report, which covers what local areas can do to enable people in later life to have better access to information and advice about their housing options.

  • Joanne Volpe, Partnership Manager - Leeds, Centre for Ageing Better

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Home truths: Housing options and advice for people in later life: Learning from communities in Leeds

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