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Three ladies in later life sitting on a bench

The state of ageing: How will future generations fare?

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This interactive evening event marked the launch of our flagship report 'The State of Ageing 2019'

The state of ageing: How will future generations fare?

We are experiencing a colossal demographic shift, living 10 years longer than our parents’ generation on average and nearly two decades longer than our grandparents’ generation. In just 15 years, the UK will have 1.2 million more people aged 85 and over than it does today – an increase of nearly 70% in this age group alone. This social revolution has implications for every part of our society and how we think about and live our lives. So how should we respond?

We invite you to attend this interactive evening event. It will explore the issues affecting people’s quality of later life today and what kind of older age people in their 50s and 60s can expect to experience. It will be an opportunity to debate what needs to change if more of us are to enjoy later life.

Chaired by Yvonne Roberts, freelance journalist, writer and broadcaster, and featuring a panel of experts, this event will mark the launch of our flagship report ‘The State of Ageing 2019’. Using a wide range of publicly available datasets, the report gives a snapshot of ageing today and in the future. We will be tracking progress in four key areas we know make a difference to people’s later lives: health, homes, work and communities.

Our event is being held at the Barbican in London to coincide with a four-month public exhibition about ageing called ‘Unclaimed’. There will be a chance to view this innovative and thought-provoking exhibition at the event.

The State of Ageing in 2019

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  • Chair: Yvonne Roberts, freelance journalist, writer and broadcaster
  • Dr Anna Dixon, Chief Executive, Centre for Ageing Better
  • Dr Daniel Davis, Wellcome Trust Clinical Fellow and Consultant in Geriatric Medicine at UCL
  • The Lord Best OBE DL
  • John Pullinger, UK National Statistician, Head of the Government Statistical Service (GSS) and Chief Executive of the UK Statistics Authority