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Flat in Leeds, modern build with blue paint

ITT: Community based support – research and evidence review

We are commissioning a project to understand the place of the Leeds Neighbourhood Network in the context of policy initiatives, to map out other models of community-based support for and with older people provided in the UK.

Deadline for tender submissions is 5pm 30 January 2019.

The Centre for Ageing Better has established a strategic partnership with Leeds City Council and Leeds Older People’s Forum, working together across a range of topics. Leeds is committed to becoming a great place to grow old in, and we believe that one of the contributors to this ambition is their ability to build on an existing resource – the Leeds Neighbourhood Network (LNN).

The LNN comprises 37 independent community organisations operating across the City. They are understood to represent a local, asset-based, preventative, community-led model of supporting people in later life.

Ageing Better wishes to contribute to and build upon the existing evidence base on forms of community-based support for older people, and we are currently scoping out a major evaluation of the LNN. We have already completed an initial scoping of this work (during May – September 2018) and during this time we established a local steering group for the evaluation, gained a good understanding of the network, the variety of models and approaches across the network, the range of individual, social and system wide outcomes it seeks to influence, and agreed five sets of evaluation questions to address through the evaluation.

To inform the development of our evaluation of LNN we are commissioning this research project, which will provide us with a better understanding of the policy, practice and funding context along with an understanding of the existing evidence for community approaches like the LNN and the interventions that comprise what they offer.

Community based support – research and evidence review


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