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Older couple walking down street

Ageing Better welcomes Prevention Green Paper - but more radical change is needed

We welcome the government's Advancing our health: prevention in the 2020s paper that looks to proactively improve the well-being of those approaching later life.

Dr Anna Dixon, our Chief Executive, welcomes the Green Paper but has urged the government that more radical societal changes are needed to ensure the target of five extra years of healthy and independent living are met.  

Dr Anna Dixon, Chief Executive, said:

“It’s welcome that the Green Paper recognises action is needed to improve the health of people at all life stages, including a focus on active ageing.

"Reducing the risks of ill health in later life will require further action on smoking and obesity, as well as making homes and workplaces more inclusive and accessible. The recognition that negative attitudes about growing older can affect our health too is welcome and could contribute  towards helping everyone to age well.

“But if we are to reach the Government's target of five extra years of healthy and independent living and reducing the gap between the richest and poorest, more radical societal changes are needed.

“As well as upgrading poor quality housing that exacerbates health conditions, we must build every new home to be accessible for people of all ages and abilities. For those people balancing work with managing a health condition, we must do more to support them to remain in work. To make our communities more connected, we must design and deliver affordable and accessible public transport  and walkable local environments.”

Transforming later lives – our strategy

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