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Appointment of our new Director of Evidence

Centre for Ageing Better announces the appointment of Catherine Foot in the newly created role of Director of Evidence.

Catherine joins Ageing Better from The King’s Fund, where she was Assistant Policy Director.

Catherine has extensive experience of leading research on patient experience and quality, with a particular focus on ageing. In 2014, she co-authored the Fund’s major report on contributing to improving health and care services for older people, including tackling isolation and maintaining independence.

Previously, she has been programme director of the International Cancer Benchmarking Partnership, a Department of Health-led initiative to study why cancer survival rates vary between countries with similar health systems and expenditures on health, and was head of policy at Cancer Research UK.

Catherine Foot, Director of Evidence, Centre for Ageing Better, said: “I’m hugely excited to be joining Centre for Ageing Better. I intend to help ensure that we drive evidence-based change to transform how people experience and think about growing older. We will use a sound understanding of the evidence for what works to help more people have a better later life to direct our work. We will also work to share evidence in ways that encourage others to base their work and priorities on good evidence. And we will develop and strengthen evidence in areas where it is lacking. We have a great opportunity to deliver tangible, lasting impacts, as well as help change the way other organisations look at and tackle ageing.”

Catherine will be working closely with Ageing Better’s new Chief Executive Anna Dixon, who took up post in September, joining from the Department of Health. Both Anna and Catherine will work closely with the Board of Trustees, which is chaired by Lord Filkin, a cross-bench peer active in ageing policy and practice.

Anna Dixon, Chief Executive, Centre for Ageing Better, said: “I’m delighted to welcome Catherine as Director of Evidence at Centre for Ageing Better. Catherine will play a critical role overseeing our work to strengthen and synthesise the evidence of what works and using this to promote change. Her insight and experience will be crucial to helping us achieve our vision that that every person is supported to have a good later life.”