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Centre for Ageing Better welcomes new government plan on loneliness

The government has launched a major effort to tackle loneliness and social isolation during the coronavirus outbreak and period of social distancing.

The Centre for Ageing Better has welcomed the government’s new plan to tackle loneliness during the coronavirus outbreak.

Patrick Vernon, Associate Director for Communities at the Centre for Ageing Better, said:

“We know that social distancing is taking its toll on many people, so this new initiative to tackle loneliness during this period is welcome. Loneliness can affect us at any age, but many older people are facing specific challenges at the moment when it comes to staying connected with others. 
“Over 70s have been asked to self-isolate, meaning they will miss out on everyday interactions in their communities like shopping or seeing neighbours. And while plenty of older people have been embracing digital technology in order to connect to others, we know that there are many in this age group who have never used the internet or aren’t able to get online, for example many from BAME communities.
“Government, charities, faith groups and local communities all have a role to play in ensuring that social distancing doesn’t turn into loneliness for millions of people across the country. And as we move forward from this crisis, we must make sure we learn lessons from this challenge about how to keep people connected in difficult circumstances.” 

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