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Middle aged woman seated at desk in office.

Government announces new measures to support workers – our response

BEIS Secretary Greg Clark has announced new measures to support workers.

Flexible working helps older workers, especially carers and people with health conditions, to remain in work for longer.

Responding to the Government’s announcement on supporting workers, Jemma Mouland, Senior Programme Manager at the Centre for Ageing Better said:

'Requiring employers to consider whether a job can be done flexibly, and to make this clear when advertising the role, would be welcomed by the millions of older workers struggling to remain in work. The Timewise Flexible Jobs Index 2018 found only 11% of over 6 million job vacancies were advertised as suitable for flexible working.

'It's crucial that we do better on flexible working, because we know it helps carers and people with health conditions to remain in work for longer. This enables them to keep earning an income, save for their retirement and retain a sense of meaning and purpose.

'We look forward to hearing more details on how the Government will implement this idea.'

Becoming an age-friendly employer

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