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Terraced red-brick houses

PM calls for more social housing – our response

The Prime Minister spoke to the National Housing Federation about the need for more social housing.

While more social housing is always welcome, we need to future proof our housing stock and build every new home to be accessible and adaptable.

Speaking at the National Housing Summit 2018, Dr Rachael Docking, Senior Evidence Manager at the Centre for Ageing Better said:

“The Prime Minister’s support for more social housing is welcome, but the fact is if we don’t future proof our housing stock, it will be next to useless for our ageing population.

“Demand for homes which are accessible and adaptable will only increase as more and more people struggle with everyday tasks like washing, cooking or using the toilet. LSE analysis suggests that the number of older people who will need help with everyday living activities will nearly double in the next 25 years.

“Every new home must be built to be accessible, particularly social housing as we know those on lower incomes are at greatest risk of developing health and mobility problems as they age and will be in most need of suitable, affordable housing options.

"The alternative is that many more people will have a much reduced quality of life, greater incidence of injury and falls at home, and increased pressure on our already embattled NHS and social care services.

“The social housing sector must recognise this pivotal opportunity to create housing stock that is truly fit for the future.”

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