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Dry cleaners

Response to Government target on workers with disabilities

Our response to Amber Rudd setting a new target for the number of disabled people in work.

Claire Turner says that better support is needed to help people manage work and health conditions.

Claire Turner, Director of Evidence at the Centre for Ageing Better, said:

“We welcome the Government’s recognition that it must do more to help people with disabilities to work. ONS figures show more than a third of people aged 50 to 64 years are out of work. Estimates suggest a million would like to work but can’t. For many people, this is because of ill-health or disability.

“With the right support from employers, through flexible working options and common sense adaptations, more people could be helped to be in work. Workplaces need to do more to make sure that good quality work becomes the standard, not the exception. Employers must promote flexible working, be more age-friendly, and better support workers with health conditions and disabilities.

“But we need more than just targets. Government must promote a joined-up approach to support people with disabilities in work and give guidance to employers and workers on what support is available.”

Fulfilling work

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