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UK Homes

Response to Habinteg report on accessible homes

A report by Habinteg has highlighted the fact that there are 13.9 million disabled people in the UK yet just 7% of English homes currently provide even the most basic accessibility features.

Our Senior Programme Manager, Dr Rachael Docking, calls for developers to make every new-build home in the UK future-proofed and accessible. 

Dr Rachael Docking, Senior Programme Manager, Centre for Ageing Better, said:

“This report highlights the shameful lack of accessible homes available to suit the changing population now and in the future.

"Unfortunately, many local authorities lack a detailed understanding of the homes needed to support our longer lives. Even when they do provide specific requirements, there is often resistance from developers to build homes which older people or people living with a disability could live in, meaning they have nowhere to move to when their home isn’t suitable anymore.

"We need to provide better guidance to local planners on what homes are needed and require developers to make every new-build home in the UK future-proofed and accessible.

"Inaction condemns disabled and older people to daily suffering and limited independence. With action and commitment, we can build better homes that everyone can live in, regardless of their age or ability.”

Homes that help: A personal and professional perspective on home adaptations

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