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Women seated in exercise class using stretch bands on their legs.
Women seated in exercise class using stretch bands on their legs.

Response to NHS Long Term Plan

NHS England has published its Long Term Plan. Among other priorities, the plan sets out how people can be supported to age well.

Our Chief Executive, Anna Dixon, responds, urging for more cohesive action across Government and industry.

The NHS Long Term Plan sets out key priorities for healthcare in England. One of its major themes is 'supporting people to age well'. Initiatives include more funding for primary and community care, help for people to live independently at home for longer and improving the recognition of carers and support they receive.

Anna Dixon, Chief Executive of the Centre for Ageing Better said:

“The Long Term plan’s focus on prevention and reducing inequalities is welcome, as is greater funding for community care and measures supporting people to age well. But the NHS cannot hope to solve all the health issues we face on its own, nor can it alone ensure more of us are healthy as we age.

“We need action from other players for any long-term plan to be sustainable. Widespread delivery of home adaptations, community-led support for people to be more physically active including strength and balance programmes and more action by Government and industry to reduce levels of smoking, drinking and poor diet are essential.”

Ideas for the NHS long-term plan from the Centre for Ageing Better

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