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Older man sitting on chair in home

Response to ONS figures of record people living alone

Latest figures from ONS reveal a record number of people living alone, particularly those approaching later live.

Our Evidence Manager, Aideen Young, says that people living alone need to be connected in their communities to ensure living alone does not translate into being lonely. 

Dr Aideen Young, Evidence Manager, said:

“More and more people are living alone, particularly those approaching later life.

“We must take steps to ensure that living alone does not translate to being lonely and isolated. It’s crucial that people are supported to stay connected to their communities as they age. This means good transport systems that enable people to get out and about and keep active. It also means inclusive services, shops and places in which social connections can flourish.

“Non-decent homes are already a serious issue for our older population and as more people live alone at older ages, this is set to become more widespread. We must ensure that people live in safe homes, in a good state of repair, with the adaptions they need to help them remain as healthy, active and independent as possible, for as long as possible. We need much better support for people to keep their homes safe, comfortable and well adapted as they age.”

Connected communities

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