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Response to ONS statistics of numbers of people living alone

Latest figures from the ONS show that increasing numbers of people in mid-life are living alone.

Our Evidence Manager, Dr Aideen Young, says that communities need to support people to prevent them from becoming socially isolated.

Dr Aideen Young, Evidence Manager, Centre for Ageing Better, said:

These latest figures show a huge increase in the number of people in mid-life who live on their own. They suggest that people's circumstances are changing as they age, and for many will be dramatically different to those of their parents and grandparents.
“As a society, we need to make sure that the way our services and communities operate takes this into account. More people living alone has implications for people's cost of living, the type of housing they need, and the kind of care and support they might need in later life, in the absence of help from those they live with. 

“There's also a potential risk that by living alone more people will be socially isolated, so we need strong communities that support people to age well.”

Connected communities - one of our four priorities

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