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Physical activity

Response to Sport England's figures on extra million people becoming physically active

According to new figures from Sport England, there has been an increase in the number of older people taking part in physical activities.

Our Director of Evidence, Claire Turner, welcomes the figures but still feels there needs to be more awareness to ensure people enjoy a healthy later life. 

Claire Turner, Director of Evidence, Centre for Ageing Better, said:

“Staying active is important at all ages, and as we get older it’s crucial that we keep moving. In particular, activities that improve our strength and balance can help us stay healthy as we age and help us keep our ability to do everyday tasks, such as still being able to bath and dress without assistance or cook a meal on our own.

“From tennis to tai chi, there’s a huge range of activities for us to choose from that strengthen our muscles and improve our balance. But many of us don’t realise the difference these can make to our health and wellbeing as we grow older, so there’s still work to do to raise awareness and make sure no-one misses out.”

Healthy ageing - one of our priority areas

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