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Ali Hawker Senior Evidence Manager

We welcome Ali Hawker as Senior Evidence Manager

Ali Hawker has joined as Senior Evidence Manager, reflecting our commitment to using evidence in order to bring about change to improve later lives.

Ali joins with 7 years’ experience as a social researcher. She has a history of commissioning a broad range of evaluation, customer insight and synthesis projects, as well as experience of undertaking primary research. Ali also previously managed voluntary sector funding programmes for London Borough of Hackney.

She will be working on our evidence work stream and managing one of our programmes of work as well as providing cross-cutting evidence support to other work-streams. Her role will include working with stakeholders to identify evidence needs, delivery of scoping reviews, calls for evidence and systematic reviews to identify opportunities to create impact with existing and new evidence.

Most recently Ali worked as a Principal Research Officer at the Department of Energy and Climate Change, where she led the social research and evaluation strategy for heat policy.