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Latest news

Fifty years ago, the US mobilised all of government and society in pursuit of a single goal: putting a man on the moon. Now, we need the same will and investment to be geared towards the challenge of healthy ageing.

Our everyday phrases and thought processes are often unintentionally ageist. What effect does this have in the workplace?

Recent ONS figures show that since June 2011 we have seen the number of people in employment increase for eight solid year. This has resulted in a record 32.2 million people in work, an increase of 3.1 million.

As the UK's older population becomes more diverse, we need to rethink our approach to later life. For the growing cohort of older LGBT+ people, this need is particularly acute.

We welcome moves to introduce a law that would make flexible working the default for every job.

Not having access to public toilets can stop people getting out and about in their area - so we made a tool to help.

The Centre for Ageing and Demography was set up by the Office for National Statistics to investigate gaps in our understanding about people’s quality of life.

Framing society’s big challenges in terms of “intergenerational fairness” risks oversimplifying the issue.

A recent government report found 27% of privately rented homes are considered non-decent, meaning that it could be a health risk to occupants and lacks many basic provisions.