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Latest news

Cities across the UK are planning serious regeneration projects. But are they considering the needs of older people?

Recent figures show that workers aged 65 and older will be responsible for more than half of all UK employment growth over the next 10 years and almost two-thirds of employment growth by 2060.

The hunt for a 'cure' for ageing is looking more promising than ever. But can we really slow down the ageing process?

Too many older people are living in homes that don't meet their needs - and if we don't make change now, that number is only set to increase.

Already around a third of all people in the UK are over 50 and despite a recent stalling in increases in lifespan, we’re still on average due to live much longer than our parents and grandparents.

If the Government doesn't address some of today's most pressing issues, it will fail to seize the opportunities that an ageing population brings.

New report from Ageing Better and Care & Repair England finds that 10 million people across England are set to spend winter in homes that don’t meet the government's basic standard of decency.

Employers must consider mental health and wellbeing for their older workers if they are to ensure they create an environment where everyone can feel at ease.

A unique group of people - called 'supercentenarians' - are living to age 110 or more. But will the rest of us be as lucky?