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Latest news

Over-50s account for nearly half of all consumer spending, but many products and services are designed and marketed for younger generations.

Planning for retirement is crucial to enjoying a happy, healthy later life, research shows.

New Aviva report shows more than a third of employees believe there is age discrimination in their workplace.

New ONS data shows many people in their 60s report greater life satisfaction compared to those in their 40s

A person’s ‘subjective age’ may be different to their chronological age. But what does it mean to feel older or younger than you really are?

A recent report found that 370,000 women had left work, or were considering leaving, because they were struggling to deal with the symptoms of the menopause in the workplace.

Older workers are the workforce of the future. The ageing workforce is a trend that cannot be ignored by employers.

We are living longer than ever before, but for some they're not getting the most out of their extra years. It is now time for the government to ensure everyone has the opportunity to feel secure in accessible housing.

David Cundy, an expert in programme delivery and service change, has been appointed to lead Ageing Better’s new Programmes Directorate.