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Read all the latest news and blogs from the Centre for Ageing Better

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Latest news

Measurement is an essential part of achieving social change. The Ageing Better Measures Framework is a new tool to help understand the dynamics of ageing.  

Many baby-boomers either don’t want to or can't downsize. The lack of suitable homes prevents many people moving at all.

Old age is often portrayed as a negative experience, especially in the media.

Our lead on work, Patrick Thomson responds to the latest ONS figures on employment, unemployment and economic inactivity by age group.

There are many common perceptions about ageing, however these are often not based on evidence.

The ONS has today released new data on 'sandwich carers', people of working age who look after both dependent children and another (usually older) relative.

Timewise and Centre for Ageing Better work together to close the gap between employers’ concerns of candidate shortages and older people's desire for more, better and flexible jobs.

NHS England has published its Long Term Plan. Among other priorities, the plan sets out how people can be supported to age well.

New approaches to engaging older people in cultural and heritage activities were discovered at the UK/Netherlands Age-Friendly Cultural Exchange Programme.