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At Ageing Better, we want to ask how we can ensure that we live in connected communities as we age.

There needs to be more investment and policy action to help people, particularly in mid-life onwards, to stop smoking, have a better diet, drink less alcohol and do more exercise.

It’s not clear how the world of work will change in the next century, but we can predict some of the things that will remain the same.  

The Centre for Ageing Better will award Government funding of up to £250,000 to pilot better ways to sustain lifelong involvement in voluntary and community activities and attract more diverse older volunteers.

With time and commitment, home adaptations can be personalised, resulting in something that looks stylish as well as being within budget.

Sir Jeremy Heywood, former cabinet secretary and senior civil servant, has sadly passed away – the Centre for Ageing Better offers its condolences.

Centre for Ageing Better responds to Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock's speech about prevention and making healthier choices.

Aids and adaptations in the home can enable some people to continue living in their own home. But for others, things may not be that simple.

Many people fear getting older, but there are opportunities that come with the ageing process.