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Getting the most out of digital

We want more people in later life to be able to get what they need and want from the internet.

We are focusing on finding new solutions, starting offline rather than online, that help people use digital technology in the ways that they want to.

Getting the most out of digital
I wanted to learn now, everything is coming online, because it’s very difficult, you know, to live, if you have to pay bills you can’t send them cheques, can't use a paying book, everything is online.
Why work on it?

We know that people aged 65 and over are significantly less likely to be online than younger people. ONS data on internet users in the UK shows that of the 4.8 million people in the UK who have never used the internet, nearly 80% are over the age of 65.

The internet is an important way – increasingly, the main way – of connecting to people, services and information. We believe that helping people in later life to get online in the ways that they want will help them maintain their independence, social connections, access to financial information and other services. With job searches and the best deals now largely online, staying connected is also important for both earning and saving money. Equally, there are growing risks that people will lose out in terms of access to entitlements (such as pensions or health care) and financial services as these become ‘digital by default’.

What we’re working on

There are already plenty of existing ‘mainstream’ products and services online that people in later life could use to do things that they want or need to do. We are therefore starting from the demand-side, and we are not currently considering developing new digital products or solutions.

Our current focus is on how best to support people in later life to use the internet to access information, advice and services that they want and need.

In partnership with Good Things Foundation we're working with people in later life to better understand how they want to use the internet, what’s stopping them and what could help. We want to identify promising offline approaches to help more people in later life to use the internet to access the information, advice and services that they want and need.

As we develop our work on each of the other topics, we will continue to explore how new technology can help people enjoy a good later life.

Get involved
  • Are you are doing relevant research? 
  • Do you have ideas about how the Centre for Ageing Better can make the most difference? 
  • Do you share our ambitions and would like to explore how you could contribute or work with us? 
  • Please get in touch if you have information to contribute or ideas you'd like to share. 
Digital age report cover

The digital age: new approaches to supporting people in later life get online

This research highlights a need for a fundamental re-think of digital inclusion policy and practice for people in later life.