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Inequalities in later life

Too many people today suffer in poor health, without access to decent care, live in unsuitable homes, in places that leave us feeling disconnected and lonely.

A good later life is something we should expect for everyone. It should not be conditional on where we live or how much money we have.

Across the UK there are shocking inequalities, both within and between generations. The gap only continues to grow wider between those well placed to enjoy their later lives and those who are at risk of missing out. Failure to address these inequalities risks a future where an even smaller group of people experience a good later life. 

We need to better understand our increasingly diverse ageing population and do more to tackle the causes and symptoms of inequality in later life. Some issues, such as health inequalities and disparities in life expectancy, are well known but remain persistent and enduring and can have a hugely damaging effect on wellbeing in later life.

Our research highlights huge disparities in health, financial security, social connections and housing, with negative impacts for those who are worse off that accumulate as they grow older.