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Wheelchair accessible home

New homes

Our aim is to help make every new home accessible and adaptable in order to provide diverse housing options for people approaching later life.

We are working to improve policy and practice on housing for later life and want to see a significant increase in the provision of new homes that are built to suit the needs of an ageing population.

As the proportion of individuals over the age of 85 increases, so too will the proportion of the population with disability, accessibility and mobility requirements. By people’s late 80s, more than 1 in 3 of us will have difficulty with five or more everyday activities. 

For our homes to meet the needs of an ageing population, they need to be accessible and meet basic characteristics for independent living. We are already facing a severe shortage of accessible housing with just 7% of existing homes in England having all four accessibility features (1. level access to the entrance, 2. a flush threshold, 3. sufficiently wide doorsets and circulation space and 4. a toilet at entrance level) that make them visitable to most people.  

Building new homes to a decent standard now will ensure that people of all ages will benefit from the features of inclusively designed homes. Future-proofing housing stock in the UK means that many more of us can live in homes that support us to remain independent, safe and well for longer.  

We are working to make sure every new home is built to be accessible and adaptable across the lifecourse, through working with Government, planners, localities, developers and architects.