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Group of people in mid-life sitting in a bar

Worklessness and employment

Our aim is to develop and test new ways of helping people aged 50 and over get back into work.

Being out of work affects your health, finances and social connections, so we’re finding new ways to support people back into paid employment.

While there has been a steady increase over the last decade in the number of people over 50 in work, those out of work face the most difficulty in returning to work. 

An estimated 1 million people between the age of 50 and state pension age would like to be working but are not. They face a wide range of challenges in getting back into work, including health, caring responsibilities and ageism.  

We need a whole-systems approach that provides more suitable job opportunities for older jobseekers and more tailored, appropriate support in accessing them. 

Through our partnership with the Greater Manchester Combined Authority we are working to shape current approaches and develop and test new ways of working to address worklessness and job insecurity amongst people aged 50 and over in the local area.