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Back on track: Improving employment support for over 50s jobseekers

This report offers lessons from the experiences of older jobseekers and outlines the support needed to get them back into employment.

Over 3 million people aged 50-64 are out of work in the UK, with over 50s jobseekers facing a series of barriers to finding work. A lack of confidence, unsuitable training, underdeveloped digital skills and a lack of access to flexible working can all make it more difficult for over 50s jobseekers to find work. In addition, many have caring responsibilities or health needs, and there is a lack of opportunities for flexible working to accommodate these needs. 

Employment support needs to help those aged 50 and over navigate new job application processes, offer training that’s relevant to their experience, and take into account health issues and caring responsibilities. We cannot allow this group of people to be shuffled out of the workforce early – struggling to get by for several years, as they wait to reach their state pension age, while their financial position and health declines.

This paper is based on findings from research carried out by Learning and Work Institute commissioned by the Centre for Ageing Better, looking at the labour market situation, barriers to work and progression, and the support available to the over 50s. The focus is on four local areas: Bristol, plus the three combined areas of Liverpool City Region, the West Midlands and the West of England.

Back on track: Improving employment support for over 50s jobseekers


Supporting over 50s back to work

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