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Fulfilling work roundtable - summary

Our research found that some people work longer to protect their financial security in later life. This roundtable focused on three related topics.

This note summarises discussions from Ageing Better’s fulfilling work Roundtable of February 2016. Some 22 people participated in the roundtable discussion, coming from a range of backgrounds – academic, public, private and charity sectors.

On the day, three topics were proposed for discussion based on earlier scoping work by Ageing Better.

These were:

  1. Returning to work: What innovative approaches are there to support over-50s back into work either in the UK or internationally?
  2. Planning in mid-life: What information, support or advice does a 50-year-old today need to make an informed decision and plan for the rest of their working life?
  3. Engaging employers: What employer practices could have the greatest impact on the wellbeing of their older workers? What would convince employers that this is worth them implementing?

Fulfilling work roundtable - summary