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Managing major life changes - roundtable summary

The discussions from our roundtable covered six key areas, including how to understand the pattern of events and how these impact someone’s ability to cope.

This note summarises discussions from Ageing Better’s Managing major life changes Roundtable of February 2016.

Some 23 people participated in the roundtable discussion, coming from a range of backgrounds – academic, public, private and charity sectors.

On the day, three topics were proposed for discussion based on earlier scoping work by Ageing Better.

These were:

  1. Developing our understanding of the current measurement/assessment of resilience:

- How can we develop consistent evaluation measures and methods?

- What factors are important in the measurement of resilience?

- How do you currently measure/assess resilience?

2. Is there other evidence we should be considering?

3. Explore feasibility of co-designing a new resilience measure.

Managing major life changes - roundtable summary