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Browse our publications – including Evidence, Insight and Action reports, as well as corporate publications, consultation responses, and infographics.

All our publications are available to download free of charge.

Latest publications

An outline of our initial views in response to the terms of reference of the Cridland Review of State Pension Age.

Sixteen people from a range of backgrounds discuss the organisation's involvement in the area of physical activity among those in mid and later life.

Our research found that some people work longer to protect their financial security in later life. This roundtable focused on three related topics.

The discussions from our roundtable covered six key areas, including how to understand the pattern of events and how these impact someone’s ability to cope.

In this briefing we explore what retired people miss about work, why people work for longer and why people retire when they do.

We looked into what the topic 'I am in work' means. Participants shared their views on the value of flexible working, the social aspects of work, and more.

An introduction of what we mean by 'major life changes', as well as an outline of the findings from the data related to managing major life changes.

Through our workshop, we investigated how those in later life view the importance of living in a suitable home and neighbourhood.

In January and February 2016, Ipsos MORI and the Centre for Ageing Better conducted two day-long deliberative workshops with people aged 45 and over, one in London and one in Birmingham.