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Browse publications, including reports and infographics, on each of our four priorities and other areas of work.

All our publications are available to download free of charge.

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Latest publications

Our State of Ageing 2019 report uses publicly available data to give a snapshot of what life is like for people aged 65 and older today, while looking at key areas: work and finances, housing, health and communities.

The Centre for Ageing Better developed the Healthy Ageing Challenge Framework, which is intended to stimulate ideas and provide thinking points for the ISCF.

This report presents the models of delivery, issues, barriers and innovative solutions of community-based strength and balance programmes.

This is a compendium of 63 measures, survey scales and their associated data sources looking at outcomes at the individual level related to ageing and later life.

Retirement from work is a major life transition. For many, retirement from paid employment is something to look forward to. But for others, retirement can pose many challenges and they find it difficult to adjust to their new role and circumstances.

This analysis of the most recent data from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing, carried out by the Centre for Ageing Better, shows attitudes about ageing taken from a sample of more than 6,000 people aged 50 and over in England.

Ageing Better commissioned participatory research into community contributions in later life to better understand how older people currently contribute to and are supported by their communities.

This review of community contributions in later life calls on charities, voluntary organisations and the public sector to do more to support and sustain the good will and effort of older volunteers.

This report identifies the elements of high-quality and innovative practice in the provision of home adaptations for older people. It highlights practical examples of local areas that are organising and delivering adaptations effectively.