Priority actions for better later lives

General Election 2017

Our population is rapidly ageing. There are currently as many people aged 60 and above as there are aged 18 and below. By 2024, more than one in four of us will be over 60.

The next government has an opportunity to tackle some of the biggest challenges related to our ageing population and to ensure everyone enjoys a good later life.

We believe we can make the UK the best country to grow old in. We want to see the next government implement our three point plan for better later lives:

1. Age-friendly places
2. Age-friendly economy
3. Healthy ageing

Age-friendly homes to support independence in later life
Strong communities where contributions are valued

Opportunities and support to work for longer
Support people to plan and prepare for longer lives

Support people to stay healthy and active
Access to good quality care and support in later life

Read the Centre for Ageing Better’s General Election 2017 manifesto outlining our three point plan for better later lives.

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