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Read all the latest case studies and personal stories from the Centre for Ageing Better

Older couple looking onto a river

Find out more about examples of good practice and people's experiences of growing older.

The views and opinions expressed in these stories are those of the authors where directly quoted. They do not necessarily reflect the policy or positions of the Centre for Ageing Better.

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Latest stories

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Why Lizzie is #AgeingWithPride

“Libraries are amazing places to promote positive LGBT+ role models and resources. That’s what they’re all about: access to information.”

  • Ageing in society
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Why Ian is #AgeingWithPride

“My favourite part about helping with the LGBT archive is looking back on the timeline, seeing how we’ve built up more equality than we had.”

  • Ageing in society
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Urban estate

Champa's voice - volunteering during COVID

Dipak Dristi was set up to help women who speak Gujarati to come together in order to make them feel less isolated within their community.

  • Communities
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Good Home Inquiry

Joan’s Voice - the need for good and decent homes

Joan is retired and has been living in a tiny studio apartment with no broadband and poor ventilation for over two years. She has been trying to move out for some time but her requests to the housing association have been ignored.

  • Housing
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Mark's voice

Mark’s voice - redundancy during a pandemic

Mark had been working at a telecommunications company for 24 years before being made redundant at the end of 2020, and at 55 was still a way off retirement.

  • Work
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Existing homes

Carole's voice - the need for suitable homes

Carole is a wheelchair user and lives in a second-floor flat, in a block that has no lift. She has been waiting for two years for a flat she can leave and return to without help, and close to her only friend in the city.

  • Housing
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Trevor's voice - the need for suitable homes

Trevor, 73, has a serious heart condition that makes it difficult for him to get upstairs. His 69-year-old wife is his carer and after she’s helped him shower and dress in the morning, he stays downstairs until bedtime.

  • Housing
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Jen and Hel

Jen's voice - LGBT+ History Month

Attitudes to sexuality have changed a great deal in Jen's lifetime – from her childhood in rural Scotland to her involvement with Opening Doors London today.

  • Ageing in society