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Choosing localities to partner with

Ageing Better is keen to explore strategic partnerships with other localities.

We have developed a set of criteria which we will use to consider the suitability of localities. These are not exhaustive and we see the process of developing partnerships as one of mutual exploration and co-design.

How we choose our localities partnerships
  • In addition to our partnerships with Greater Manchester and Leeds, we are aiming to establish a third localities partnership with a rural and/or coastal locality in 2018
  • Exploring, developing and implementing new localities partnerships is a joint endeavour, not a bidding process
  • We see it as an opportunity to understand the alignment between ourselves and the locality, identifying potential areas for joint action and impact

Localities can express their interest in developing a partnership with Ageing Better by contacting us on

Proposed Criteria Rationale Descriptors
Active local authority engagement Local authorities have powers and budgets which can be used to deliver change. They are also well placed to convene others from across private sector, public services, voluntary and community sector. Locality can demonstrate that leaders and officers in the local/ combined authority are committed to the partnership, and that there is a track record of collaborative working across sectors and with key partners.
Scale and depth Ageing Better’s localities work aims to bring about sustained change at scale across a whole place. Locality can demonstrate that there is an ageing population of sufficient scale, and/or with significant need, such that there is the potential to make a significant impact. Where proposed work focuses on smaller neighbourhoods, there is clear potential to scale across the locality.
People focused Ageing Better’s work always starts with the person, so it needs to work with places that hold a similar ethos and can demonstrate it in practice. Locality works to access those with lived experience. Locality can demonstrate how services and policies are co-designed with citizens.
Commitment to Ageing Better All locality partners need to subscribe to Ageing Better’s principles, outcomes and measures. Locality is committed to making a step change, not shoehorning Ageing Better into existing plans. Locality is committed to work on a wide range of issues related to ageing.
Commitment to evidence and what works Locality work should always generate robust evidence that can be used to improve local outcomes and influence wider practice. This is a key area for Ageing Better to engage with and support. Locality is committed to using and generating evidence. It is open to external evaluation, will adopt what works, and is prepared to share data and evidence.
Strategy and approach Required to ensure that the relationship with Ageing Better can be taken forward and deliver on agreed goals and outputs. Clear commitment to the agenda from senior leaders of key partners. Appropriate human and financial resources committed to the partnership with Ageing Better.
Track record Needed to demonstrate a locality’s capacity and ability to deliver on its agreement with Ageing Better. Extent of the locality’s progress to date on ‘age-proofing’ services, building partnerships and age-related innovation.
Existing partnership and delivery infrastructure Partnerships cannot be about developing capacity from scratch as the opportunity to build evidence and practice will be lost. Evidence of existing effective cross-agency, cross-sectoral local partnerships on ageing topics; and structure to sustain and grow relationships.
Diverse portfolio of places Overall, Ageing Better’s localities work should reflect the diversity of older people’s lives, in terms of social, economic and physical geography. Consideration of demographics (e.g. ethnicity, socio-economics), rural / urban split and similar factors, compared to other places we are working with.