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The eight domains of age-friendly

An introduction to the eight World Health Organisation (WHO) domains which make an Age-friendly Community.

The Age-friendly Communities framework includes eight domains, or areas, that places can address to improve their structures and services to meet older people's needs and all of us as we age.

The eight domains of age-friendly are all the aspects of community life that need to be considered when making your plans. The scale and pace of improvements you decide to take are determined by what is needed in your place.  

All eight domains interlink but can be viewed as two main spheres covering the social and the built environment: 

The outside environment and public buildings have a major impact on independence and happiness in later life.

Whether using public services or alternative options, transportation is a key issue for people in later life.

Housing and support allows people in later life to age comfortably and safely within their community.

Social participation is strongly connected to good health and wellbeing throughout life.

Feeling valued and respected is important for older people from all backgrounds.

An age-friendly community provides options for people in later life to contribute back to it.

Staying connected with events and people and getting timely, practical information to manage life and meet personal needs is vital for active ageing.

Community support is strongly connected to good health and wellbeing throughout life, alongside accessible and affordable health care services.

Becoming an Age-friendly Community is an ongoing process. It’s about taking the decision to make improvements at whatever pace you can.