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Age-friendly Communities flower

The eight domains of age-friendly

An introduction to the eight World Health Organisation (WHO) domains which cities and communities can use to meet the needs of older people.

These comprise: outdoor spaces and buildings, transportation, housing, social participation, respect and social inclusion, civic participation and employment, communication and information, and community support and health services.

The eight domains of age-friendly are all the aspects of community life that need to be considered when making your plans. All eight domains interlink but can be broken into two spheres covering the social and the built environment:
Two men sitting on a bench, Greenwich

The outside environment and public buildings have a major impact on the mobility, independence and quality of life of people in later life.

Bus in Leeds city centre

Transportation, including accessible and affordable public transport, is a key issue for people in later life.

Terraced house, Bickershaw - Greater Manchester

Housing and support that allows people in later life to age comfortably and safely within the community to which they belong are universally valued.

gorse hill allotment

Social participation is strongly connected to good health and wellbeing throughout life.

Two women sitting on a bench in Macclesfield

Older people from all backgrounds are valued and respected.

Older volunteers taking part in a creative workshop

An age-friendly community provides options for people in later life to continue to contribute to their communities.

Volunteer group gathering, Deptford

Staying connected with events and people and getting timely, practical information to manage life and meet personal needs is vital for active ageing.

Nordic walking group

Community support is strongly connected to good health and wellbeing throughout life, alongside accessible and affordable health care services.