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Read all the latest news and blogs from the Centre for Ageing Better

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What can an 82-year-old Hamlet tell us about inclusivity in the workplace?

While A-list actors may be able to find work whatever their age, it’s a different story for ordinary older workers who face barriers to work right from the start.

  • Work
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Age-positive icon

Do symbols speak louder than words when it comes to our attitudes to ‘the elderly’?

Our recently released age-positive icons have launched to change the negative stereotypes associated with ageing and to help us move towards a more positive, realistic image.

  • Ageing in society
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High street in Brighton

Poorest hit hardest by pandemic, according to new figures

The pandemic has had the worst impact on those who are struggling financially, including on their physical and emotional health, financial security, and relationships.

  • Ageing in society
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Anna Dixon on a podium giving a speech

Dr Anna Dixon MBE to leave the Centre for Ageing Better as Chief Executive

We are sorry to announce that Dr Anna Dixon MBE will be leaving the Centre for Ageing Better in June following her success in starting up the organisation and leading it over the last five and a half years.

  • Ageing in society
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Mr Motivator

Mr Motivator joins experts in calling for action on over 50s' health

New figures show that over a third of over 55s have seen their strength decline since the COVID-19 outbreak, and nearly 40% are doing less exercise than last year.

  • Health
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Our vision of a Decade of Healthy Ageing: Glowing at 70

Working in small groups around the eight Age-friendly Communities domain topics, older Londoners identified the top five priorities within each for action by the Greater London Authority over the next four years.

  • Communities