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UK Network of Age-friendly Communities

The UK Network of Age-friendly Communities is made up of cities, towns and counties working together to share learning and examples of age-friendly practices.

The Centre for Ageing Better is working to connect places that share our ambition of more people enjoying a good later life.

The UK Network is affiliated to the WHO Global Network for Age-friendly Cities and Communities, and has members across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The Centre for Ageing Better works with the UK Network to facilitate and give a platform for local areas to discuss what kinds of approaches work, both in the UK and internationally.

Through various channels (such as conferences, workshops and webinars), we share examples and provide guidance, connect places and offer support to member communities in their efforts to become more age-friendly.

Age-friendly Communities are guided by the eight domains of age-friendly and a four-step programme cycle.

What does 'Age-friendly Community' mean to you?

What does age-friendly mean to you?
Associate members in Scotland and Wales

The Older People's Commissioner for Wales supports the development of age-friendly initiatives and the Ageing Well in Wales network. Get in touch with David McKinney for more information.

Scottish Older People’s Assembly (SOPA) exists to give a strong voice to older people about their concerns and experience of life in Scotland, including inequalities of age. Through local meetings and a National Assembly with older people and others, SOPA identifies issues that worry the older population and conveys messages from them direct to Scottish and Westminster Governments via meetings with Ministers, civil servants, politicians, academics, the media and the UK Network of Age-friendly Communities. Get in touch with Chair Diana Findley for more information.

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Becoming an Age-friendly Community is an ongoing process. It’s about taking the decision to make improvements at whatever pace you can.