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Partnership to address major life changes

Ageing Better is working with the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation to develop and test ways to help people improve the way they manage major life changes.

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Centre for Ageing Better responds to DWP figures showing employment rates for older workers

The Centre for Ageing Better responds to new figures from the DWP showing that employment rates for older workers are at their highest levels since 1984, with more people aged 50 to 74 in work than ever before.


Inequalities exist within generations, as well as between them

When we think about later life, it is important for all of us not to generalise. There are as many differences between individuals within a generation as there are differences between the generations themselves.

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Over the next five years we want to help more people enjoy a good later life. We are working on a range of topics that matter to people as they enter later life…


Later life in 2015: interactive report

Explore the interactive version of our report: a mixed methods research study designed to understand the barriers and enablers to a good later life…

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