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The forgotten women

The recent Institute for Fiscal Studies’ report highlights the persistence of the gender pay gap, which represents another barrier to women being able to save for later life. However Government and employers can help resolve gender pay inequality.

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Are the generations really worlds apart?

This week, the Intergenerational Foundation released a report stating that there are growing areas of age segregation in England and Wales – places with either mostly younger or mostly older populations. Claire Turner explores more fully the reasons for this apparent age segregation, and the need to provide a range of housing options for everyone.

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Over the next five years we want to help more people enjoy a good later life. We are working on a range of topics that matter to people as they enter later life…


Later life in 2015: interactive report

Explore the interactive version of our report: a mixed methods research study designed to understand the barriers and enablers to a good later life…

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