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Centre for Ageing Better launches its first annual review

This annual review gives an overview of the Centre for Ageing Better’s work over the past year, as well as setting out future plans for achieving its vision of a society where everybody enjoys a good later life.

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Centre for Ageing Better launches research to tackle barriers to helping out in later life

The Centre for Ageing Better has commissioned OPM to help understand more about barriers, enablers and opportunities for volunteering by disadvantaged people in later life.


We need more accessible homes

Accessible homes aren’t just a priority to meet the needs of our ageing population, they are also essential to meet the needs – and rights – of disabled people of all ages to suitable homes. But building more accessible homes has to be part of the answer to housing our ageing population well.

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People are living longer

By 2024, there will be 18 million people aged 60 and over – 3.1 million more than today. More than one in four of us will be over 60.


Priority actions for better later lives

The government has an opportunity to address the challenges and seize the opportunities of an ageing population, to ensure everyone enjoys a good later life.

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