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New guide launched to help community organisations future-proof their volunteer base

The guide will help voluntary organisations mobilise and engage a more diverse range of over 50s volunteers, including those who typically face barriers to getting involved in their communities.

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As part of Black History Month we've collated stories from a number of Black Britons to give them a platform to share their stories about race, inequality, age and gender. 
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We've launched a new toolkit for employers on the steps they can take to introduce and manage flexible working in their workplaces.
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About 1 in 5 homes in England do not meet the national standard to be considered in decent condition. These are more likely to be lived in by people identified as most at risk from the virus, new report shows.
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We've launched a competition to design ‘age-positive’ icons to replace the negative symbols that commonly represent people in later life, such as ‘hunched-over stickmen’.
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This report offers lessons from the experiences of older jobseekers and outlines the support needed to get them back into employment.
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In collaboration with Ipsos MORI, this report takes a look at the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the lives of those aged 50-70 in England.

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