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Older women bearing the burden of a lifetime of lower pay and unequal working conditions

Older women are more vulnerable to financial difficulties than older men, with both their employment history and family circumstances impacting on pension income and ability to save, according to our report.

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Small changes to homes can improve quality of life and relieve pressure on NHS and social care

A new report finds that making small changes to older people’s homes, such as installing handrails, ramps and level-access showers could play a significant role in relieving pressure on the NHS and social care.


The Industrial Strategy is right to put ageing centre stage – for the benefit of every generation

It is reassuring that the Government has included ageing as ‘one of the Grand Challenges’ at the heart of its Industrial Strategy. As the strategy identifies, workplaces need to be age-friendly and employers need to offer flexible working policies.

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People are living longer

By 2024, there will be 18 million people aged 60 and over – 3.1 million more than today. More than one in four of us will be over 60.


Priority actions for better later lives

The government has an opportunity to address the challenges and seize the opportunities of an ageing population, to ensure everyone enjoys a good later life.

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