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What makes for fulfilling work in later life?

The Centre for Ageing Better today releases a new report, Fulfilling work: what do older workers value about work and why? which identifies the characteristics of work that are important to people aged 50 and over, and explores actions employers can take to attract and retain them.

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Centre for Ageing Better responds to the Housing white paper

We welcome the reference to the housing needs of our ageing population in today’s Housing white paper. Over the next 25 years, the proportion of households where the oldest person is 85 or over will grow faster than any other age group.


Older workers see the biggest decline in job security over the last decade

Today, Matthew Taylor, who is leading a review of modern employment, has called for the improvement of the quality of work in the UK to become a new “national goal”. We want more people to be in fulfilling work that supports a good later life and recognise that government, employers and older workers themselves all have a role to play

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People are living longer

By 2024, there will be 18 million people aged 60 and over – 3.1 million more than today. More than one in four of us will be over 60.

Interactive report

Later life in 2015

Explore the interactive version of our report: a mixed methods research study designed to understand the barriers and enablers to a good later life…

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