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Centre for Ageing Better commissions research into worklessness

The Centre for Ageing Better has commissioned the Centre for Local Economic Strategies – in partnership with the Learning and Work Institute – to carry out research and co-design work to address worklessness and job insecurity amongst people aged 50 and over in Greater Manchester.

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CMO Annual Report 2015: How to help the ‘baby boomer’ generation age well

Today’s Annual Report from the Chief Medical Officer tackles a subject close to our hearts – how to help the ‘baby boomer’ generation age well. As the CMO points out, people aged 50-70 are a large and diverse group: over 35% of the population are over 50 and the median age is already 40.


We need to stop our divisive obsession with intergenerational unfairness

It’s true that the living standards expected by older generations when they were young are quite different from those common to young people today. But direct comparisons between baby boomers and younger people are misleading, and maybe in themselves unfair.

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Later life in 2015: interactive report

Explore the interactive version of our report: a mixed methods research study designed to understand the barriers and enablers to a good later life…

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