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Joyce Abrams
Finance and Grants Officer
Joyce provides support to the Finance team.
 Emily Andrews
Senior Evidence Manager
Emily leads our evidence strategy on fulfilling work.
Louise Ansari
Director of Communications and Influencing
Louise leads our Communications team and has a background in health communications, social policy and local services.
P.A. to Directors
Laura provides support to our Directors of Communications, Evidence and Operations and Finance.
Millie Brown
Evidence Officer
Millie provides research advice, commissions and manages evidence projects and overall contributes to the strong evidence catalogue our work at Ageing Better is based on.
Kim Chaplain
Associate Director for Work
Kim is Associate Director for Work, supporting one of the Centre for Ageing Better’s priority goals of Fulfilling work.
Lucinda Crowther
Programme Business Manager
Lucinda provides operational and programme management support to ensure effective and efficient delivery of Ageing Better’s programmes.
David Cundy
Director of Programmes
David oversees the development and delivery of impactful programmes of work across our priority goals in health, housing, work and communities.
Director of Operations and Finance
Sharon leads our operational functions – including finance, IT, human resources, and legal, as well as project and office management.
Anna Dixon
Chief Executive
Anna is Ageing Better's Chief Executive, leading our vision of creating a society where everyone enjoys a good later life.
Georgia Elander
Media Officer
Georgia works as part of the communications team to promote the Centre for Ageing Better’s work and vision.
Catherine Foot
Director of Evidence (job share)
Catherine jointly leads Ageing Better’s work to build the evidence of what works to support people to enjoy later life.
Emily Georghiou
Senior Programme Manager – Connected communities
Emily manages a strategic programme of activities to bring about change for our Connected communities priority goal.
Alison Giles
Joint Associate Director for Healthy Ageing
Alison is a joint appointment between Ageing Better and Public Health England, providing strategic support on Healthy Ageing
Ellie Gotay
Events Officer
Ellie is responsible for the planning and delivery of Ageing Better’s busy events schedule.
James Hingle
Digital Communications Assistant
James assists the communication team with editorial, strategic, creative and operational support.
Holly Holder
Senior Evidence Manager
Holly leads our evidence strategy on Healthy Ageing and Safe and Accessible Homes.
Leslie Hughes
Executive Assistant to Chief Executive and Chair
Leslie works with our Chair and Chief Executive to provide support across all areas of their work.
Ange Jones
Age-friendly Communities Manager
Ange supports members of the UK Network of Age-friendly Communities in their efforts to become more age-friendly and adopt evidence-based solutions.
Jason Jones
As Programme Coordinator Jason provides support to deliver our programmes and their activities.

Lorna Jones
Procurement Officer
Lorna is the Procurement Officer for Ageing Better.
Ageing Better
Innovation and Change Officer
John supports the effective management, delivery and communication of projects to promote innovation and evidence-based practice across our priority areas.
Jess Kuehne
Senior Programme Manager – Healthy ageing
Jess develops and manages a strategic programme of activities to bring about change for our healthy ageing priority goal.
Kristina Leonnet
Senior Innovation & Change Manager
Kristina leads on the Centre for Ageing Better’s change work, promoting the uptake and adoption of evidence-based approaches and solutions.
Ageing Better
Administrative Assistant – Operations
Andrew provides administrative support to the Operations team.
Jess Mawson
Strategy & Partnerships Administrator
Jess provides administrative support for the Director of Strategy & Partnerships, the Director of Programmes and the Associate Directors.
Amy McSweney
Evidence Assistant
Amy provides research support for special projects and wider support to the team to ensure our work is grounded in evidence.
Rachel Monaghan
Programme Manager
Rachel supports the effective scoping, management and communications of Ageing Better projects.
Jemma Mouland
Senior Innovation & Change Manager
Jemma leads on the Centre for Ageing Better’s innovation work, fostering the development of new ideas across our priority areas.
Yehia Nasr
Digital Officer
Yehia leads our works across digital communications, including management of the website, digital content, email marketing and social media.
Justin Newman
Director of Strategy and Partnerships
Justin oversees the Centre for Ageing Better’s work to develop impactful strategic partnerships and helps ensure we focus on delivering our strategic ambitions.
Ageing Better
Associate Director for Homes
David is Associate Director for Homes, supporting one of the Centre for Ageing Better's priority goals of Safe and Accessible Homes.
Luke Price
Evidence Manager
Luke works to identify gaps in research on later life, provides advice on our research commissioning process, and ensures our work is firmly grounded in the evidence base.
Paul Rhodes
Rural Partnerships Development Manager
Paul leads work on developing our third strategic localities partnership.
Niall Ryan
Communications Officer
Niall leads Ageing Better’s communications planning and has a background in health communications.
Sarah Scott
Finance Manager
Sarah is responsible for financial accounting, finance management and payroll at Ageing Better.
Henry Smith
Senior Programme Manager – Homes
Henry leads on our homes priority goal, developing and managing programmes of activities to create impact so that more people enter later life in safe and accessible housing.
Jagdeep Soor
Senior Programme Manager – Fulfilling work
Jagdeep leads on Work and Employment as part of our Fulfilling Work priority goal area
Jennifer Summers
Parliamentary and Public Affairs Officer
Jennifer supports the influencing of all programmes, with a particular focus on engaging with Parliament.
Innovation and Change Officer
Ploy supports the effective management, delivery and communication of projects to promote innovation and evidence-based practice across our priority areas.
Nayyara Tabassum
Evidence Officer
Nayyara provides research and evaluation advice, managing evidence projects, research commissioning processes and ensures our work is strongly based on evidence.
Jessica Taylor
Localities Coordinator
Jess delivers effective administration and coordination of the Localities team to support with delivery of their strategy.
Patrick Thomson
Senior Programme Manager – Fulfilling work
Patrick is the lead on our Age-friendly employers programme.
Claire Turner
Director of Evidence (job share)
Claire jointly leads Ageing Better’s work to build the evidence of what works to support people to enjoy later life.
Natalie Turner
Head of Localities
Natalie works with localities to help them build age-friendly communities.
Emma Twyning
Head of Communications
Emma leads all of Ageing Better's communications work, increasing our presence and reach across digital and media platforms and helping to drive our campaigns and influencing activity.
Emily Veitch
Head of Operations & Governance
Emily supports our Trustees and Co-optees and is helps manage our work on Governance and Operations.
Patrick Vernon
Associate Director for Communities
Patrick is Associate Director for Communities, supporting one of Ageing Better’s priority goals of Connected communities.
Joanne Volpe
Partnership Manager – Leeds
Joanne supports the partnership between Leeds City Council, Leeds Older People’s Forum and the Centre for Ageing Better.
Ageing Better
Partnership Manager – Greater Manchester
Nicola manages our strategic partnership with the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, and is based in the Greater Manchester Ageing Hub.
Doug Willis
Senior Office Coordinator
Doug provides office management to the Ageing Better team and is the first point of contact for our organisation.
Ageing Better
Communications Assistant (Media)
Emily assists the communications team with media output.
Chloe Wright
Head of Campaigns and Public Affairs
Chloe leads on Ageing Better’s public affairs and campaigns work to build the organisation’s profile among stakeholders and to bring about change on our priority goals.
Aideen Young
Evidence Manager
Aideen provides support with scoping new programmes, evidence commissioning and managing evidence projects on Healthy Ageing and Fullfilling work.