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Why Ron is #AgeProud

"I went back to college to do an HNC in management but I couldn't get a job. I think that’s to do with age."

Ron, Ayre, is one of five people that we interviewed for International Day of Older Persons 2019. This is their story.

Ron looking into camera
Photograph and words by Mark Epstein

I’m one of those strange people who enjoys admin. I love going into stationery shops and looking at all the paper and equipment you can buy; I love to browse. I suppose I like order and systems. I also love film, something a bit different with a good story. I like foreign films, and animation - Disney and Pixar and I love Aardman's Wallace and Gromit. I also think some Japanese stuff is interesting but don’t ask me to recommend anything – I’m useless at remembering names. 

I joined Dumfries local cinema club when I was 16 – I’ve been interested in film all my life. When the Ayre Film Society started in 1972 I was a founder member; member number 12. We showed one film a month and I’ve been involved ever since. I used to work for the TSB bank and at the weekend and in the evenings I was happy working on admin for the film society.

After I was made redundant from my job at the bank, I tried very hard to find other work. I went back to college to do an HNC in management but I couldn't get a job. I think that’s to do with age. I ended up running a  bed and breakfast for some years and then I worked in a care home – the last years of my working life I was a carer. I retired 2 years ago.

Now I have more time for the film society. I am currently secretary and treasurer but I’ve been chairman in the past too. The society wouldn't run without me even though no one really knows how much I do behind the scenes. I want to widen the audience but it isn't easy. I've spoken at universities and colleges about the society but teachers and lecturers don't seem to be very interested in promoting the film club. They all seem too busy.


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